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NCIS: Los Angeles. Different City. Same Attitude.

NCIS: Los Angeles
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A community for all things related NCIS:Los Angeles.
NCIS:LA is the all-purpose community for the CBS show NCIS:LA. Anything related to the show is welcome here. Graphics (banners, icons, promo pics, screencaps, etc...), Fanworks (fanfiction, photo manips, art, etc...), Episode Reviews (official posts will be made for reaction to the episode), Spoilers (with appropriate cuts).

Spoiler Policy: For the purpose of this community, spoilers will include anything that contains a plot point or casting information for an episode which has yet to air in the United States. Spoiler cuts should remain in effect up to a week after the airing of the episode.

Rules: They are simple. Be respectful of others. Put spoilers behind a cut. Warn for anything above PG-13 rating and put it behind a cut. Have fun.

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